The Niketan Foundation is a Dutch organisation working in Bangladesh, committed to improving the quality of life of children and youth with intellectual and complex disabilities.

Since 1998, Niketan and its local partner DRRA, have been providing need-based physical, cognitive, socio-emotional and medical support across age groups, for as long as that is required. 

Niketan runs projects in the countryside and in Dhaka, residential as well as educational. Niketan’s services include early intervention, education tailored to the needs of every individual child, physiotherapy, vocational training, job-placement and community care. In addition, Niketan offers practical home-based support, healthy meals, and travel expenses.

For more information about the work of Niketan you can visit their website:

In these short stories on Niketan’s website you can read about the achievements of children and teenagers that attend the Amar Joti/Sanjeevani Day Centre in Dhaka. Every step has meant a milestone for them and some of them, like Josna, have been under Amar Joti/Sanjeevani’s umbrella of support from the earliest years of the project: ShaonBeautyRunaHosainRahimSoniaJosnaShipu and Sohel

Niketan published a report about their most recent activities in March 2021: Niketan Report March 2021

You can find more reference to the relationship between Niketan and the Banyan Trust on Niketan’s website: Relationship with the Banyan Trust


For decades the Bangladesh Protibondhi Foundation (BPF) has been a renowned institution within the field of disability in Bangladesh. 

Their activities include nineteen inclusive schools across Bangladesh, a clinical neurosciences centre, their Institute for Special Education, many community projects and a wide range of home-based services.

BPF’s mission is to work for the treatment, education, rehabilitation, health, nutrition and protection of children and adults with disability through training in independent skills by developing, providing, organizing and setting up relevant services through training and facilities. BPF develops cultural based assessment tools, inclusive education programmes for children with disabilities and does extensive research.

The Banyan Trust has worked closely together with Prof. Dr. Naila Khan, Chairman of BPF, who was closely involved in the establishment of the Sanjeevani Project.

For more information about the work of the Bangladesh Protibondhi Foundation you can visit their website: Bangladesh Protibondhi Foundation